Liability Insurance

General Liability

Whether you want to protect your small business, or one that you have grown over the years you must carry general liability coverage. General liability policies include coverage for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury. In the event of a lawsuit against your organization the insurance carrier will provide defense, and indemnify against all claims where you are found liable. The insurance carrier may also decide to settle smaller claims without the involvement of the courts.

Educated customers and companies you work with will require you have coverage and provide them with a certificate of insurance before starting the job. Some companies may also want to be named as additional insured on the policy as well as certificate holder so they can hold your business responsible for subcontracted work. If you need to request a certificate of insurance call (586) 286-5000 or fill out the certificate request form.

BOP (Business Owners Policy)

A business owners policy includes coverage for both business liability and business property.

We can tailor a business owners policy to meet your business’s specific needs by adding coverage such as business income, cyber protection, and professional liability.

Garage Liability

Garage liability insurance provides coverage for garages and car dealerships and will pay for liability or property damage resulting from the operation of the business.

Garage Keepers coverage provides coverage for companies who have clients property in their care and custody. An easy example of this would be a clients vehicle left to be serviced by an auto repair shop.

The Advantage We Have Over Other Agencies

Lakeside Insurance Agency has been serving the Metro Detroit area since 1978 and is committed to establishing a long-standing relationship with each of our clients. We provide the best insurance value and service available while maintaining the highest ethical standards and credibility with our clients, carriers, and the public.

Independent Agency

We are an independent agency which means we work with multiple insurance carriers. This benefits you because we quote multiple companies to find the best price for you!

Quality Coverage

Our licensed agents will help you determine the coverage you need to fit your lifestyle.

Maximized Savings

We try hard to find all applicable discounts to save you the maximum amount of money.

Claim Assistance

We will make sure your claims process is as smooth and easy as possible.

A quick quote is only a call away. Call us today at (586) 286-5000 

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