Need to protect yourself and your employees from on site job hazards? If you have one or more full time employees, officers,part time employees, subcontractors, or independent contractors you are subject to workers compensation laws. Workers compensation covers your employees in the event of a work related accident, injuries over time related to their employment, and occupational diseases such as occupational lung diseases or asthma.

If your employees are injured, the officers are responsible for their medical bills and wages lost. There is also a $1,000 penalty per day for every business that is operated without workers compensation insurance.

In Michigan business registered as a corporation or LLC can include coverage for the owner on a workers compensation policy; technically they are employees of the organization. Owners who have registered their business as a sole proprietorship however cannot be included on their workers compensation policy as they are not recognized as employees.

Several companies we offer provide coverage on a pay as you go basis based on your current monthly payroll. Pay as you go coverage is suitable for a growing business or one that has a constantly changing payroll.

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